The Complete Guide: Corona Virus Management

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  • Author
    Desmond Loubser
  • Level
  • Study time
  • Video time
    2 hours
  • Exams
What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

This course attempts to fill the knowledge gaps that people have in the Covid-19 virus, what is a virus, how it spreads and what to do if you get infected .
Throughout this course you will discover:

  • What is Covid-19
  • What is the difference between a parasite, bacteria and a virus
  • How it spreads
  • The employees legal obligations at work
  • How to protect yourself from infection
  • What to do if you get infected
  • What the level 3 regulations state about the responsibilities of employers

This course is accredited

Once completed successfully you will receive a certificate of competency for the relevant South Africa Qualifications Authority Unit Standard, accredited through the South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.  
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