Defensive Driving Awareness

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    The Safety Academy
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    1 Hour
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    The Safety Academy
What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

This course provides general training on essential vehicle maintenance, including pre-drive inspections and recognizing signs of vehicle strain. Participants will learn safe driving techniques such as maintaining a positive attitude, keeping a safe distance, and effectively handling confrontational situations. The course also covers anticipating and avoiding hazards by expecting worst-case scenarios, implementing preventative measures, and understanding the causes of skidding. Additionally, it teaches you how to handle common driving faults and respond to emergencies, ensuring drivers are well-prepared for any situation on the road. #RoadSafety #DefensiveDriving #OnlineSafetyTraining
Unlock your potential with our comprehensive online course:

📘 Uncover the importance of defensive driving
🔍 Understand the procedures for vehicle checks
⚠️ Master the techniques to identify hazards and maintain safety measures
  Engage practically in investigations and assessments
📝 Recognize the pivotal role of documentation in the event of accidents
🔧 Keep ahead of danger through safe practices
Elevate your understanding of road safety. Enroll now!
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Advanced Emergency Preparedness Management

For those looking to be prepared for whatever is thrown your way! Once completed, you'll get an advanced Safety Management certificate recognised by SAIOSH for TechSAIOSH